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Alameeb Mediart Lab is a one stop solution related to audio & video content production. We produce ad films, feature films, music, graphic images and much more that comprises of our surroundings in the form of audio, image and visuals.

We work with a hoard of creative professionals, corporate honchos, entrepreneurs, industry experts and enthusiastic individuals to make our sounds and visuals awesome, mind blowing!


With our already existing pan-India network, we will decentralize our presence in other metro cities with more service offerings.


The global Pro-AV market is booming and India play a bigger part in APAC regions growth. Alameeb Mediart Lab aims to be the company that serves the global market with cutting-edge infrastructure, technology and expertise.


Integrity, accountability & excellence.
We are a equal opportunity employer with a keen interest in sustainability, peace and happiness!.

Reach us out for
-Audio-visual content production
-Music video/audio/film production
-Audio-visual marketing planning
-Music/art events

or just to say hi!

Call on: +91 8617768711
Email to:

For more, visit contact us


Are you a Creative Professional?

an editor, a writer, a photographer, a musician or anything for audio visual industry.

YES - You can work with us
NO - You still can work with us and earn a lot of money